CS Shell Jacket 1st Virginia Cavalry

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This shell jacket was worn by the 1st Virginia Cavalry organized into a regiment by J.E.B. Stuart. The single biggest distinguishing factor of a typical 1st Virginia Cavalryman is the shell jacket with striped facings, or “Hussar Bars” on the front. This reflected the American fascination with European styles in pre-war militia units.

Although the traditional trim color for cavalry was yellow, the 1st Virginia wore black-trimmed uniforms instead, including a broad-brimmed black hat, often with a black plume.

This Early War shell jacket features  “Hussar Bars” on the 9 button front,  has epaulettes, square sleeve trim on a straight cuff, belt loops, is lined with a cotton lining and has one inside pocket. The jacket is made of Medium Gray wool. CSA or Block “C” are available.

MAP 10-38

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